Shipboard Surveillance

Shipboard Surveillance

Our shipboard surveillance systems go beyond commercial radar navigation for ships. We create unique radar and integrated sensors solutions to enhance target detection and tracking, from military navigation radars to remote and unmanned shipboard surveillance.

Filling the Gap between Navigation and Defence

Today’s interconnected global community depends on the world’s oceans more than ever, bringing maritime activity to an all-time high. The commercial and naval communities alike are looking towards technology to improve navigational efficiencies and safety at sea.

SSR’s shipboard surveillance system extends the capabilities of commercial navigation systems to support tactical military missions, automated collision avoidance, and remote unmanned shipboard surveillance.

Remote and Unmanned Shipboard Surveillance

View your fleet’s surface search radar, track, and camera data from a remote operations centre. Our customers are centralising surveillance operations and extending coastal surveillance systems with these intelligent onboard systems. By integrating surface search radars with other surveillance sensors, we are creating high fidelity tracks for unmanned shipboard surveillance and navigation systems.

Collaborate with Interceptors and Patrol Boats

Increase efficiency through collaboration. Our integrated naval radar system allows operators to manage intercept and boarding operations from the combat information centre, using encrypted AIS or over-the-horizon data links to transmit messages, images and track information with the forward vessel.

Integrate Commercial and Existing Technologies

The best of both worlds. Our C2 systems extend beyond basic radar navigation for ships, filling the gap between these and large-scale ship self-defence systems. This approach creates a modern next-gen surface search radar system which is available today using commercial-off-the-shelf technology.

C2 and Tactical Data Link Interoperability

Expand your radar horizon. Our automated radar processing and tracking system will generate local track data without a dedicated operator, offering unmanned shipboard surveillance capabilities, easily allowing ships to share naval radar system track data using commercial and military data links, such as GCCS and Link.

Parallel Mission Processing

Do more. Our system supports multiple simultaneous missions by independently processing and tracking the same sensor data. While the bridge focuses on navigation and collision avoidance, the combat information centre can manage an interdiction operation miles away.