Coastal Surveillance

Coastal Surveillance

We understand the unique challenges surrounding complete coastal surveillance systems. As maritime traffic activity increases, you demand a reliable, low-risk solution. One that integrates all sensor data into a seamless maritime domain awareness picture, allowing you to identify targets of interest and make swift and accurate security decisions.

Our coastal surveillance systems give the infrastructure to provide Safety of vessels in your waters, Security against illegal activities and terrorism, protect your EEZ Sovereignty, and provide Fisheries protection.

We offer solutions for all project complexities and budgets, ranging from single site to multi-sensor national integrated systems. We partner with you to consult, design and build a reliable maritime or coastal surveillance system that best meets your requirements.

Increase Operational Effectiveness While Reducing Overhead

Our integrated and automated radar processing and vessel tracking systems reduce workload. By bringing sensor data together from geographically dispersed coastal surveillance sites, our solutions allow a single operator to effectively do more. The benefit is fewer operators and reduced operational costs.

Reduce Expenditures by Leveraging Existing Systems

We work with your system. Many customers have existing radars, AIS base stations, cameras, other sensors still providing valuable information. Our software interfaces with the largest portfolio of surveillance sensors, including Furuno, Kelvin Hughes, Terma, Raytheon, Sperry, Gem, JRC, Blighter, FLIR and many more. We save you time and money, seamlessly integrating your equipment into an upgraded surveillance system.

Optimize Performance Regardless of Bandwidth

Bandwidth concerns? No problem. Our unique message protocol optimizes coastal surveillance radar system performance regardless of network conditions or bandwidth. Whether its radio, satellite, cellular, microwave or fibre, we will transfer all your mission critical data back to the command centre, providing you with complete and centralized maritime domain awareness.