AIS Intelligence

AIS Intelligence

Multiple data streams and Artificial Intelligence help nations tackle complex maritime challenges, ranging from risk assessment of arriving vessels to uncovering non-reporting ‘dark’ vessels and detecting ship-to-ship transfers.

Maritime analysts can identify Targets of Interest entering your EEZ, highlight suspicious and potential illegal vessel behaviour, generate alerts and collaborate with colleagues and other agencies for focussed and effective enforcement and compliance actions.

By using AIS data from multiple information sources including terrestrial, satellite and enhanced satellite data as part of the maritime surveillance solution helps agencies identify and track bad actors before and while in your EEZ.

Utilising the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning, transforms vast amounts of data, automatically, into valuable maritime intelligence, including :

  • When vessels have gone ‘dark’ or stopped transmitting their AIS positions
  • Suspected ship-to-ship transfer of fuel, goods or people
  • Suspected illegal fishing
  • Vessels that display abnormal behaviours
  • Vessel position spoofing

The use of AI and ML significantly reduces the amount of work analysts need to do, so they can work more efficiently and effectively, and agencies can deploy assets exactly where they are needed. In addition, other satellite data including RF, optical and SAR can be fused with the AIS data to provide even deeper insights.