Radar ESM Intelligence

Radar ESM Intelligence

The ability to capture and fingerprint in real-time, every radar transmission in the area is important in providing enhanced situational awareness to protect Maritime borders and help identify illegal vessel activity.

This new Radar ESM is a cost-effective addition to Maritime Surveillance that allows maritime targets not transmitting AIS to be persistently tracked and even identified. A passive electronic sensor, it can be operated from fixed surveillance towers, patrol vessels and drones, it identifies all radar emitters in the area and monitors and records their pulse characteristics, delivering vital real-time intelligence.

Dark targets (those who turn off their AIS transceivers), will generally continue to use radar for navigation and collision avoidance.

By monitoring vessels navigation radars from land or space, we can track and identify dark vessels. Every radar has slight differences in their electronic transmission, by building a database of signatures and then linking the signature with either a visual or AIS confirmation, it can provide the vessel’s identity.

The Radar ESM sensor is small and lightweight (1.95kg), so suitable for drones, vehicles, vessels or land-based surveillance systems.