Start Point Systems use advanced technologies from land, sea, air and space to detect, track and identify cooperative and uncooperative vessels, from single sensor sites to national maritime security systems covering your entire EEZ.



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Delivering Complete Situational Awareness

With over 1000 installations and trusted by the US Coast Guard as well as Military, Navies, Coast Guards, VTS operators and offshore platforms around the world, SSR’s modular surveillance products form the backbone of any Maritime Surveillance system, from single surveillance sites to National Maritime Security Systems.

Comprehensive real time monitoring and management of the maritime domain is critical for government stakeholders. Start Point Systems provide a range of sensors and integrated solutions for all maritime monitoring applications, each of which can be scaled and customised to meet specific end user requirements.

Coastal Surveillance

We understand the unique challenges surrounding complete coastal surveillance systems. As maritime traffic activity increases, you demand a reliable, low-risk solution ...

Shipboard Surveillance

Our shipboard surveillance systems go beyond commercial radar navigation for ships.  We create unique radar and integrated sensors solutions to enhance target detection and tracking ...

Ports and Harbours

Whether from the land, air, or sea, a successful attack could be catastrophic, costing lives while crippling infrastructure and the economy. Yet protecting ports and harbours is no easy feat ...

Offshore Platforms

From single to multiple platform networks, our maritime surveillance system provides continuous surveillance, with optional remote monitoring over low bandwidth connections ...


Our Mission

Our mission is to help our customers solve their issues of maritime safety, security, sovereignty, and fisheries protection within their entire EEZ.



By monitoring sea trade and transportation routes and when vessels are in trouble at sea to be rescued more quickly.



We enable Government Agencies to maintain continuous surveillance and detection of suspicious and illegal activities within their EEZ to identify narcotics smuggling, armed piracy, illegal trade, human trafficking, terrorism and IUU Fishing.



To address their strategic issues concerning the potential vulnerability in their country’s sovereignty and sea navigation, including potential maritime border conflicts.

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