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SSR Engineering
Integrated Surveillance Systems - USA

SSR Engineering is a leading provider of Integrated Surveillance Systems with over 1000 installations worldwide. Their systems are used and trusted by the US Coast Guard and many other Navy, Coast Guard and Government Agencies around the globe. Their range of modular products provide flexible and scalable systems that form the backbone of any Surveillance System and allows the end user to just choose their preferred sensors.

Employing artificial intelligence, their products bring together multiple sensor data into a user-friendly desktop interface, cost-effectively reducing operator workload, increasing mission effectiveness and supporting inter-agency collaboration.

Silent Sentinel
Electro-optic cameras, UK

Silent Sentinel Ltd is a UK based manufacturer who provides advanced and highly modular surveillance camera platforms for land and maritime surveillance applications. By combining industry-leading video and thermal technology, we are able to deliver precise reconnaissance of small targets, at long range and in challenging environments.

Cameras use the latest high resolution (HD) thermal technology and include advanced video processing for the clearest display of targets at long range.

Horizon Technologies
Sat phone SIGINT and Satellite RF monitoring - UK

Horizon produces Satellite Phone Intercept systems that are used by Nato, European Border and Coast Guard Agency and other government agencies around the world. Their latest technology uses nano satellites to monitor vessels from space and can detect vessel RF emissions from satellites phones, navigation radars and AIS. These geolocations help identify vessels, particularly ‘dark’ vessels not transmitting AIS.

This service requires no capital investment and is provided as a Data-as-a-service (DaaS). The technology is unique in not requiring tasking (it is always on and collecting global data) and has a large footprint, enabling coverage of large areas such as nations EEZ or even global data.

Additionally, real-time ground-based stations can be setup for Sat Phone and Radar ESM data collection for National Intelligence purposes.

Radar ESM – UK
Satellite AIS analytics platform - New Zealand