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Start Point Systems is a Systems Integrator, based in Singapore. We provide Advanced Maritime Surveillance and Intelligence Solutions from single sensor sites to national maritime security systems.

We do this through the application of advanced COTS technologies, from land, sea, air and space, with products and integrated systems that deliver a new level of maritime domain awareness to government agencies, including Navy, Coast Guards, Marine Police, Border Guard and others.

These technologies help detect, locate, track and identify both cooperative and uncooperative (dark targets) that include illegal operators (drug smugglers, human smugglers, sanctions evasion, illegal fishing, terrorists and others) and allow enforcement agencies to ensure the safety, security and sovereignty of their EEZ, more efficiently with less assets and lower costs.

Vessels that turn off their AIS transponders effectively become ‘dark’ and are not easily tracked, particularly when they are outside the range of coastal surveillance radars. By passively detecting signals from navigation radars and satellite communication devices, these signals can be used to geolocate, track and identify them.

Instead of manually reviewing thousands of vessels in your territorial waters or EEZ, we use Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to highlight vessels which display particular behaviours and activities to identify vessels of interest that agencies can then focus on.

Start Point Systems analyses our customers individual needs and requirements and recommends the most cost-effective solution using the most appropriate COTS technologies.

Our key partner is SSR Engineering from the United States who supply the Surveillance System backbone and integration to any required sensors and data sources. We work with leading manufacturers of radars, electro-optic cameras, AIS, ELINT, Satellite-AIS and Satellite RF data and combine this with artificial intelligence and machine learning that help identify suspicious vessel behaviours and Targets of Interest.

Our solutions combine land, vessel and air and space surveillance platforms.


Our Mission

Our mission is to help our customers solve their issues of maritime safety, security, sovereignty, and fisheries protection within their entire EEZ.



By monitoring sea trade and transportation routes and when vessels are in trouble at sea to be rescued more quickly.



We enable Government Agencies to maintain continuous surveillance and detection of suspicious and illegal activities within their EEZ to identify Illegal, Unreported, and Unregulated (IUU) fishing, armed piracy, narcotics smuggling, illegal trade, and human trafficking.



To address their strategic issues concerning the potential vulnerability in their country’s sovereignty and sea navigation, including potential maritime border conflicts.