Surveillance Sensors

A complete camera range

Silent Sentinel manufacture a professional range of outdoor rugged surveillance cameras that offer dual daylight and thermal cameras. All cameras can be connected to radar or surveillance control systems to 'slew to cue', that means a radar target can be selected and the camera automatically points to the target to help identify it.

The range includes short range, medium range, long range and ultra long range.

Typical applications include VTS, coastal and maritime surveillance, airports, border surveillance. The camera range includes uncooled as well as cooled cameras in Analog or IP with HD (including HD-SDI) format.

Ultra - Cooled Long Range Camera

The Jaegar Ultra camera is high performance HD thermal and day camera designed for ultra-long range applications. The thermal camera employs a cooled high resolution 1280x712, thermal imager to provide vessel/ vehicle (2.3m x 2.3m) detection at up to 50km and man detection up to 18 km.

A daylight video camera offers simultaneous augment target identification using either a 55x or 60x daylight camera. Outputs are available in analog or IP (with HD-SDI option).

The Jaegar Ultra is non-ITAR and is manufactured in the UK.

Perimeter Radars

Flat panel radar detection systems for perimeter surveillance.

The Athena flat panel radar is the perfect solution when combined with a Silent Sentinel rugged camera to provide early warning of activity along the perimeter or within an open space.

Athena is able to detect activity within the preconfigured field of detection, issue notification and automatically position and track the target providing visual identification through either the Oculus or Aeron surveillance platforms. Available in four range options upto 1.3km, the panels can be combined to provide up to 360 degree coverage.

Maritime Radars

Utilizing SSR Engineering Radar Processors, most commercial maritime radars can be integrated into a surveillance system. Currently Furuno, Terma, Raytheon, GEM, Kelvin Hughes, Sperry, Simrad and Blighter can be connected to an SSR system.

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