Camera Integration

Surveillance Camera Integration

Cameras are supplied in analog or IP format (optional HD-SDI). They can be easily integrated with video management systems, DVRs, NVRs and third party surveillance platforms. Radar slew-to-cue functionality is available with all Silent Sentinel cameras.

Video to identify and classify a target is the perfect complement to any radar surveillance system. SSR’s Camera manager allows multiple cameras to be integrated, controlled and shared within a complete surveillance system.

Radar tracking provides accurate detection and positioning of targets, however visual identification is typically required for an operator to make informed decisions and responses.Using the track information, the Camera Manager is able to lock a camera onto a radar target. This offers the operator persistent visual observation of the target as it traverses through the area of operation.

The modular design of the Camera Manager allows it to interface to nearly all existing daytime and thermal surveillance cameras. In addition to cameras, the Camera Manager can control other pan-tilt devices such as Long Range Acoustic Devices (LRAD).