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Silent Sentinel

Products :

Start Point Systems are the Asia distributor for Silent Sentinel cameras. Silent Sentinel are a UK manufacturer of a wide range of surveillance cameras to meet sort, medium, long and ultra long ranges. These are used for maritime and land surveillance applications.

SSR Engineering

Products : SSR Engineering are a US manufacturer of advanced radar hardware and software solutions for coastal security and surveillance.


Products : Unithank are a chinese manufacturer of bullet proof vests, helmets, visors and ballistic plates. Start Point SYstems is the Unithank distributor for Singapore.

Newton Optik

Products : Newcon Optik is a Canadian manufacturer of night vision binoculars, thermal night vision systems and other equipment.zegarki repliki


Products : AST is a communications provider for airtime and hardware platforms.


Products : Geobrugg are a Swiss manufacturer of protective fencing and netting including military grade RPG fencing.replicas de relojes


Products :

3M are a high quality manufacturer of safety and security films used for anti-shatter and blast proff protection. 

CorDEX Instruments

Products :

Cordex Instruments manufacture a range of intrinsically safe cameras and lighting products.

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