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Jaeger Ultra HD Thermal Camera for 50km small object detectionDate:04, July 2016

Silent Sentinels new Jaegar Ultra camera features an astonishing 1280x720 HD cooled thermal camera capable of detecting a 2.3m object at 50km and recognition at 20km. It also features a 50,000 hour cooler life and is non-ITAR providing low lifetime costs.

The Jaegar Ultra can be pro....

Start Point Systems appointed Silent Sentinel Asia DistributorDate:07, June 2016

Start Point Systems is proud to announce that it has signed an agreeent for distribution of Silent Sentinel surveillance cameras and other products in Asia. The surveillance cameras are ideal for coastal surveillance, VTS, perimeter surveillance and other security applications that require daylight and thermal cameras working 24/7.....

CCTV fleet order completed for Pacific Basin for counter piracy Date:05, May 2016

Start Point has completed delivery of counter piracy solutions to Pacific Basin shipping, providing their entire fleet with CCTV systems and other counter piracy measures.


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